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Below bikes only $1,695 (Canadian, not US$ !!)
Free helmet of your choice

About our ZOOM E-bikes

BC E-bike Rebate Program

  • Selection of latest model brand new E-bikes

  • Superior Fat Tyre bikes for easy riding, anywhere

  • Step through, easy access bikes with baskets

  • Amazing choice of colours...lime green, bright blue, red, black and white

  • powerful 500W motors

  • Long lasting 48V lithium battery

  • Up to 32kph

  • Up to 60 km's battery life

  • No Licence or insurance required.

  • Free lights and racks

  • Phone holder with phone charging on handlebars

Returns - BC E-Bike Rebate Program:


We do not accept returns from customers who participate in the BC E-Bike Rebate Program. We cannot provide you with a cash, debit refund, credit card refund, cash equivalent gift card or merchandise credit. Please make sure your decision to purchase an E-Bike is final.

Exchanges - BC E-Bike Rebate Program:


If you are a customer who participated in the BC E-Bike Rebate Program and your E-Bike is in some way defective, it may only be exchanged for another E-Bike of equal value (same cost/price) or higher.

Sale Offer     C$1,695. Free helmet.

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